The Quiet Glow

Oh the dried flower love it glows!

Today I had the honor of receiving a lovely testimonial on my Flickr photostream from Noble Upchurch, a fellow photographer. This shot is dedicated to him.
If you’re interested, here’s what Noble wrote ….

Kala and I have been contacts for some time. I find Her works artistic, inspirational, and on the highest level of photography. Kala’s works are signature, I feel I could recognize one of Her works without seeing the author’s name. Something many of Us are searching for and probably will not find.

Kala sees the world in a very special and unique way. Her photographic skills are at a level at which She can completely share Her visions with Her viewers. This is what differentiates an artist from a photographer. In all Her works, there is a bit of Her spirit and vision. Each time I view one of Her wonders, I feel I have received a gift. I truly believe Kala could photograph one scene ten times and there would be ten distinctly different beautiful works.

As a contact, Kala is so very kind and supportive. I treasure Her visits and comments. Comments mean so much coming from an artist that has Your total respect.

I consider Kala an unmet Friend, and consider it a privilege to view Her works, and a blessing to call Her Friend.

Noble R. Upchurch


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