Through the weeping branches.

I’ve been asked about my custom header. Yes, it’s one of my nature shots.
One of my favorites in fact.

I processed it in sepia to go with the decor in my bedroom and it now hangs on the wall. Purty isn’t it?


10 thoughts on “Through the weeping branches.

  1. (It’s sixth)

    Nice! I definitely like the way you cropped it for your banner at the top and I especially like how it turned out in black and white. The leaves got a lot brighter; it almost looks infrared.

    Nice! 😀

  2. That photo is really lovely. I’m not sure if one version is better than the other personally. I like the fresh green of the original which really focuses attention on the leaves and flowers. And the dof is stronger, and you feel like you are actually inside the scene. The sepia one seems to merge and unify the background more with the subject and thus creates a completely different feel, warmer, softer, kind of embracing.

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