After the battle.

First of November and the meadows are looking more brownish. These dead daisies looked to me as though they had been through a war, tattered and ravaged on the battlefield. So I thought this shot was appropriate for today’s post. There’s a certain beauty in nature’s decayed and decaying life. At least I think so. Much flower love here, dead or alive.
And Nov. 1st is the start of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), which means I intend to update this blog on a daily basis. More later on this – it’s almost midnight!


12 thoughts on “After the battle.

  1. Good luck with NaBloPoMo! It seems really hard at times, but we can all do it!

    Love the browns and they do look like little warriors of some kind. Perfect metaphor for marching into NaBloPoMo madness.

  2. Kala, this is gorgeous. I’m surprised I could not find this on your stream! What you wrote fits it well, and this photo and the processing reminds me that winter is indeed soon going to be there.

    The past months after my holidays back home went by in a haze…. work was busy with change and more responsibilities, and I’m still trying to experiment a bit more with photography, not that i’m finding the time! I started up a blog too, but never really had the time to use it!

    I’m glad to see your photography progressing so much, I’m repeating this here because at the moment, i can’t recall whether i actually posted or finished any of the comments I made during snatched lunch moments at work!

    • Wen! So glad you stopped by, it’s been a long time since we “talked”. I see that you’re back to updating your stream. Good to see you posting again.

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