Can you guess what this is? Part 2

One more still life macro shot: this is one of my very favorites. As a matter of fact, I had it framed and it hangs on my garage wall. And speaking of my garage, let me tell you about it. It’s two car, and this summer I completely redid it myself. That is correct. All told, it took almost 3 weeks to finish. First I removed all the contents – cabinets, shelves, tools, containers, etc. and relocated them to either the living room or patio, depending on what could stay outside for awhile. Obviously, the house looked like hell but I thought it was only going to be for a few days.

I started by powerwashing the garage floor in the hope of removing the build-up of several old layers of paint. After 8 straight hours my hands and arms were killing me and only about 10% of the paint was off the floor. I calculated that at that rate, it would take me another week and a half to remove all the paint plus I’d probably be suffering from power wash shell shock by then. Not good. So, the following day I went out and bought Epoxy Paint Stripper and for the next three days I was on my hands & knees using only a metal paint scrapper & a wire brush to take off every bit of paint. I ended up using four gallons of the stuff because some areas had to be gone over twice. The directions on the label said to wear gloves while working with the paint stripper, but I found them to be too cumbersome and tossed ’em after a couple of hours. WHICH I SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE. More on that later.

Once the paint was removed, I then had to “etch” the floor to prepare it for repainting. Talk to anyone at Home Depot: it’s all in the surface prep! I purchased a couple gallons of Concrete Floor Etcher, a/k/a acid, and for two days used a scrub brush (again on my hands & knees) to rough up the surface of the concrete. I was determined to get every square inch of my garage floor to feel like sandpaper. HARD work I tell you. But if it’s not done, the paint won’t adhere to the floor properly & will start to peel, and then I’d be doing the whole process over again next year. No, no, no thank you. And again, I did this without using gloves. Okay, it’s getting late, stay tuned tomorrow for more of the continuing saga of Kala and her garage remodeling project.
Oh, and the photo, it’s my 3rd highest viewed on Flickr. Can you guess what it is?

EDIT: Steel wool is a pretty good guess. It’s a copper wire scouring pad! This shot was on the front page of Flickr’s Explore for over 7 hours. Who would have thought?


17 thoughts on “Can you guess what this is? Part 2

  1. It reminds me of Christmas, you know the decorations that you string across your room? Gah can’t think of their names. Love the bokeh in this.

    And I hope you didn’t do any damage to your hands with not using gloves, although knowing me I’d be the same as you, gloves are just too cumbersome and you end up taking longer to do a job with them.

  2. It looks like steel wool, but also has a holiday feel to it, which I don’t think steel wool has. 🙂 Awesome photo. Looking forward to reading the rest of what happened with your garage!

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