Swept up in it.

Fellow blogger Carol expressed some confusion as to how to pronounce the word “bokeh”. The definitive answer isn’t apparent. For the record, I pronounce it BO-KAY as in a flower bouquet


12 thoughts on “Swept up in it.

  1. I love this. I’ve looked at some of your other photos on here and I must say I really like them all. Good job, keep it up. 😀

  2. Great Photography! I am dying for a macro lens, as I love shooting Macro as well. These shots are amazing, and very inspirational! I’m a bokeh addict as well : )))
    Wondering what kind of camera and lens’ you have?

    • Thanks for the visit – I’m glad you like my photos. I have a Canon 450d and two lenses: a 100mm 2.8 macro and a 50mm 1.4 which is the lens I used for this shot. This isn’t a macro, but I find that the 50mm 1.4 renders magnificent bokeh.

  3. Beautiful. It reminds me of a soul making it’s way upwards and saying goodbye to those below, I love also how the flower in the bottom left of the picture is still full of life.

    As for prounociation of Bokeh I think I’m more along the lines of bo car (using the soudings my six year old son Callum does for schooling).

  4. Bokeh is such a hard word to pronounce for me. I keep wanting to call it “bow-key” and then realize it’s probably correctly pronounced “bow kay” as in bouquet of flowers. I even once asked a friend who speaks Japanese and he came up with an entirely different way of saying it all together. I’ve just about given up trying to say it, but it really does make for lovely pictures (whatever you call it.)

    I also never got down the “good” bokeh vs. “bad” bokeh, as the definitions change from person to person and forum to forum. It’s confusing, but the shallow depth of field makes for wonderful, expressive, painterly images.

    I love the tones in this picture. It’s got wonderful subtle tones and hues.

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