Exactly on track.

Okay, so I love photographing train tracks! This macro photo was taken at the same track as yesterday’s post. It is an active line with both commuter and freight trains running on it. And I was reminded of poor Anna Karenina while I was hunched down trying to get a good angle for a photograph.


16 thoughts on “Exactly on track.

  1. Eeeek! Scary. I grew up with my dad teaching me about Operation Lifesaver and staying off of “live” RR tracks. I love the pics but just want you to be safe. 🙂

    • Thanks for your concern :). True story: My father worked for a RR co. all his life and he wasn’t too happy when he saw this shot. Maybe it’s my inner child rebelling!

  2. My Grandad worked on the trains when I was little (and he was alive) and I always remember two things. One skipping across the tracks to go get his wages and two when he took me on the Queen’s train. At the time I thought he was making it up just to impress his first and favourite grandchild but years and years later my Mum told me it was in fact the Queen’s train. lol

    Love the angle on this shot and where the other one reminded me of the inside of a piano this one reminds me of the neck of something like a chello, is neck the right word?

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