Photos that look like paintings :: 11.28.09

On Black

The title of this image is Flowers for Mr. Poe.

I think Edgar would have liked this photograph. And I want to mention that I am contemplating designing a website for my photography. Whatcha think?


12 thoughts on “Photos that look like paintings :: 11.28.09

  1. Love the flowers + bokeh series.

    As for the website, I “cheated” and ended up using a service (it didn’t cost that much and was easier for me) but I’m a big fan of whatever works for you. (I used visual server from the people who bring us photoeye, but there are a lot of alternatives.)

    One of the big benefits of doing a “real” website is that you can post your CV. I’ve found that to be very handy over the years (I don’t sell prints but, just having the CV online is very helpful.)

    Good luck whatever you decide to do.

    • I am thinking of using SmugMug to host my photos, so I wouldn’t be starting from scratch with respect to hosting & web design. Also, I would hire someone to do the coding. What remains is for me to decide exactly how I want the site to look.

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog… decided to return the favor and am mightily impressed with your photos… falling asleep at my computer as I type this so just thought I’d let you know that I’ll be adding your blog to my list of blogs I follow… especially love the coneflower shot here… one of my favorite subjects over this past summer! (am going now to check out your flickr stream… and just so you know… my is a simple code modification of a basic Google supplied template to get the photos to the size I wanted them to be)

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