Photos that look like paintings :: 11.30.09

This photo of dried hydrangea wraps up the series I began on Nov. 15th called “Photos that look like paintings”. This flower is as lovely dried as it is when in full bloom.
And I have completed one post a day in November for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). Congratulations to my fellow bloggers who participated this month!
A lot has happened since I started this little blog a month & a half ago: I’ve decided to create a website for my photography and am seriously considering having SmugMug host my images. I’ll be offering prints with many sizes & options to choose from. The next several weeks are going to be busy as I’ll be working on the web design, planning for the holidays and updating this blog as frequently as possible. Oh, and I may try and take a few photos here and there too.


10 thoughts on “Photos that look like paintings :: 11.30.09

  1. Congrats! And you DEFINITELY should put up a website to sell your photos on – awesome idea! I just recently put my a few of mine on etsy for fun, but yours are so much better! I’m sure you’d sell a lot! ))

  2. Hi there…Stumbled upon your site via Darlene’s December Views. Your images are exquisite! Looking forward to seeing more. šŸ™‚

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