Can you guess what this is? (part 4)

This time last month I did a little series called “Can you guess what this is?” and thought I’d pick up and continue it for the next couple of days. While I do love nature photography, I also enjoy capturing images of the ordinary & mundane with my macro lens. The detail of everyday things can be brought to life with a camera and made to have a special kind of beauty all their own. Fine art photography macro photography. It’s a matter of how you see it and all that.
So can you guess what this image is?

And I want to thank Warriorpoetess for blogging about one of my images today as inspiration for her lovely poetry. Please read with sepia insight, the beautiful haibun she wrote to accompany one of my sepia photographs.

EDIT: Most of you guessed correctly – both here and on my NaBloPoMo page: these are piano wires.


20 thoughts on “Can you guess what this is? (part 4)

  1. My first inclination is to guess a piano, but the springs seem almost too close to each other to be that. Yet…that’s what I’m going to guess 🙂

    Beautiful shot, regardless.

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