Here’s a macro shot from early this year. The leaf on the right side of the image looks like it’s nudging the other one for some cuddling. Yes? Yes! Anyway, I’ve no idea how they withstood this past winter because it was so brutal. And speaking of winter, we are supposed to get half a foot of snow tomorrow. My hope is that I can get out with my dear camera and capture some images without breaking my arse on the ice. Yeah for nature!

Oh, and my internet connection is still crawling at a snail’s pace. Something about a problem with the router equipment. It is supposed to be fixed by tomorrow *sigh*


15 thoughts on “Nuzzlin’

  1. Great tone and texture. Is it me or do the leaves look kind of frosty?

    I wish I could photograph snow… I mean, I could but for that I’d have to drive like 2 hours up to the mountains… *sigh* One day I’ll do it.

    • Thank you. Seriously Ari I am NOT happy about this internet problem. They are sending a technician to come to my home tomorrow, hopefully he/she will find out what is wrong.

  2. Perfect title for these two. It’s truly a good eye to see that. Beautiful capture with the hint of frostiness. So glad you came by to visit. It’s wonderful to share our views of our world. ~Jeanne

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