Solar Powered Berries

Oooh, I shot into the light again. Tsk tsk.

Also? I am having computer issues once again! Apparently they are not related to my internet connection. I am frantically searching computer forums trying to find out what could be causing pages to load so slowly. Anyone out there a computer expert?


20 thoughts on “Solar Powered Berries

  1. Do you shoot at a slow shutter speed to get that those beautiful blurs, or is it all depth (or should I say, shallowness) of field? The berries at the back look like they might be swaying in a breeze, but the in-focus ones are nice and sharp.

    • Hey Jay

      I either shoot wide open or at a very wide aperture setting so DoF is very shallow. And I have 2 lenses which are both very fast which help me to do this.

  2. Your photography is so beautiful! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Coming from someone whose photos are so stunning, it means alot.

  3. I’m a couple days late on this but, what kind of problems are you having? (Spent five years being ‘that guy on the other end of the technical support number.’)

    Can shoot me an email if you’d rather not have it on the comment threads, I don’t mind either way 🙂

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