Srsly. Do you know anyone else who spends hours shooting macros of eggs?


26 thoughts on “Eggcentric?

  1. Kala, this is just such a cool egg, it is an incredible perspective, and it makes me stop and take stock of it visually, conceptually, but also just to understand eggness more. Very nice shot. Thank you.


  2. I blame you entirely for my new fascination with macro photography!

    This is a great shot. For some reason I get the mental impression that it’s like an x-ray or an MRI of an egg.

  3. I’ve done it, yes! A few years back (10?), when digital cameras first came out, I would sit with mine and shoot all day. Anything and everything. I still have lots of egg shots. 🙂 It was a magical time. I miss the excitement I used to feel. aw!

    Thumbs up for you!! I didn’t know CoolPhotoBlogs was still around.

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