In stages.

I love photographing coneflowers. The next few days I’ll be posting some of my favorite coneflower shots, and hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did capturing them.


20 thoughts on “In stages.

  1. Hi Kala,
    I have been obsessed with photography since we all went digital. So my journey with the camera has been developing hand-in-hand with my work as a teacher of writing and literacy in the area of digital storytelling- integrating media and writing.
    I just finished a photo a day challenge for 2009 and now I’m into a second year on this blog. Along the way I’ve hooked into other writing challenges and NaNoWriMo led me to NoBloPoMo that I took on in November and then in December and now in January. It all seems to work together.
    So I’m glad we are connecting

  2. Great Coneflower shot. I find them to be a great subject especially with all the new colors. You can usually get a bee shot if you wait a few minutes around a patch of coneflowers.

    Happy and Productive New Year.

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