In stages (II).

Another image of coneflowers in various stages of growth; however, these are the yellow variety (like yesterday’s). Different to the purple ones in that the petals tend to droop, but just as lovely.

This is the last shot in my little coneflower series. Thanks for viewing.


24 thoughts on “In stages (II).

  1. What a beautiful photo! The contrast is superb… the colors compliment each other nicely, and the bokeh gives it that 3D effect I like so much.

    Just wonderful, Kala!

  2. You did well on this shot. I am guessing this is either ‘Sunrise’ or ‘Harvest Moon’ Coneflower. There are so many new varieties and they are such reliable bloomers you could probably spend all summer photographing them.

    Your sepia shot from yesterday was intriguing. That is a different species of Coneflower. The fact that Coneflower holds it petals downward really worked with the picture.

    Stay warm!

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