Last night, after spending the afternoon assembling my new chair and cabinets, I removed a 70 pound carton from my car by myself. Then I opened said carton and carried the contents of my new desk up 14 stair steps to my 2nd floor loft/office, again by myself.

This morning I woke up and had to practically slide off the bed to get out of it. My back is KILLING me. There are pieces of my new desk as well as screws, bolts, hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers etc. laying all over the wood floor of my loft. And I still have to put the new desk together. Ouch.


22 thoughts on “Screwed!

  1. Cool shot!

    I hope you feel better. If I lived in your city, I would’ve been happy to help you assembling your desk. You still would’ve had to do the lifting, though. J/K! I would’ve helped with the lifting too, of course.

    Again, excellent shot. Love the golden and silvery colors, and the contrast is great.

  2. I feel your pain… the air gets pretty blue around my house when I’m assembling furniture (some assembly required… shudder!)… but at least I have someone with more muscle than myself to help with the lifting!

  3. But it will be so worth it when you get it put together! Sometimes I like the pain of sore muscles b/c I know that something is working right in there.

    Props to you for carrying it up two flights of stairs! It’s amazing what feats of strength we will gain when necessity calls.

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