Often overlooked.

Same day that I was out walking as I mentioned in Sunday’s post, I found these little guys blooming at my feet and I’ve no idea what they are. It’s one of the great tragedies of life isn’t it? Some of the tiniest, sweetest, most precious things are often overlooked.

EDIT: DigitalFlower has identified these flowers as Globe Amaranth: thank you!


21 thoughts on “Often overlooked.

  1. Indeed. But I’m glad you were mindful, noticed, and were present with that flower to capture it so compellingly and allow me a moment of mindfulness also.

    Thanks Kala,

    : )

  2. I believe that mankind is guilty of overlooking so many things, not least the beauty of this wonderful planet. Here you have given us beauty in depth to brighten our days. A gorgeous shot

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