Photos that look like paintings :: 02.02.10

Back in November, I did a series called “Photos that look like paintings.” It was a lot of fun to do, and I’m going to do a similar series again this month that will run through the 12th.

The name of this image is called A Bunch .


30 thoughts on “Photos that look like paintings :: 02.02.10

  1. It’s really true when you are speaking of painting ….the blur foreground and background are increasing the sharp of the main flower
    lovely shot
    Bien à toi !

  2. Magnificent! Love the simplicity of daisies! Have you thought of getting one of your shots printed on a huge canvas? While that can be expensive, it looks amazing. I know I want to get one of those! Good luck with Nablo. I look forward to seeing your photos every day!

  3. Kala,
    I look through you blog, and I must say I love your photos. They are all so delicate, beautiful, colorful, and just gorgeous.

    Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate that!

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