Old and New

This image of a larch tree with gold and green buds appearing alongside last year’s bronzy seed cones is best viewed LARGE. The sharpness of the cones against the blurred background is quite lovely when viewed in greater detail.


74 thoughts on “Old and New

  1. Kala: I’m glad I read your little write up under the cone image. When I first saw the smaller version I thought, huh, this does not look quite correct for one of Kala’s Images…then I read your little write up and clicked on the Image to view it large. I see what you mean…VERY SHARP! Lovely capture! Dan

  2. Oh, I so desperately want to travel to a place away from all the snow and this winter. This was supposed to be Spring. Where are my flowers 😦

    Anyway, awesome shot Kala. Totally amazing !!

  3. Love the contrast between the sharp cones and the soft background, very effective. Lovely series of flower photographs as well in previous posts. Nicely done!

  4. this really is lovely in the large size. I love watching tamaracks bud out. We are far from that happening here in the NW of Montana. Thank you for your visit and comment to my latest post!

  5. Kala,

    I dislike having to repeat what others have said, but you/they were right. The small version really did not show the detail in the photo. When I clicked on the large version, the sharpness of the cones in contrast with the shallow depth of field and softness of the background is delightful!

  6. I like being able to click over to the larger size of your photos. Shows a lot more of the drama. Larches are interesting trees. It is one of the few deciduous conifers that grows in this area.

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