Hello Earth

Does anyone remember spring?


95 thoughts on “Hello Earth

  1. Love the blue and yellow-great combination and a lovely contrast. Great shot!

    Spring is starting, isn’t it? It will be here soon. It’s already starting to be allergy season a bit where I live. Luckily, this is usually followed by flower season too. :~)

  2. Great the way that you’ve used the complimentary colour to the flower in the background. It gives the shot a real impact.

    Still cold here in Ireland but in the sheltered places there are lots of primroses, so I guess that spring is nearly here.

  3. Very beautiful realization, beautiful contrast, of most beautiful the effect and very well to carry out, cheer!

  4. Yes, and we’re on the verge of it. We should already be well into spring, but it’s been delayed this year. I really like the vivid blue as the background in this.

  5. Gorgeous spring colors, and as for spring I faintly remember it but wonderful shots like this bring it back into memory better ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Yesterday morning when I went outside a faint trace of the scent that tells me spring is here was in the air. Today it is a lot stronger so I’m not sure what spring looks like but I sure know what it spells like and it is finally on it’s way. “Happy Dance”

  7. I dislike being unoriginal, but this shot is gorgeous to quote other posters. The color is amazing! What lens did you shoot this with?

    Fantastic shot!

  8. It’s slowly coming back to me ~ spring that is! Thank goodness. I love the purple/blues background against the vibrant yellow tulip. So stunning. You never fail to deliver a knockout photo.

  9. THat is an awesome photo. I barely remember spring but I remember enough to know I want it to come back and soon. THat tulip is like a burst of sunshine.

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