In the glade.

They are coming up in my backyard!


74 thoughts on “In the glade.

  1. Kala, I don’t know if my comment go through or not, but just want you to know that I love the angle and lighting in your beautiful photo. You’re the lucky one with flowers in the backyard!

  2. Yay, spring is springing. WE are not quite at the blossoming yet but I do have a couple of buds on my daffodils. It is so nice to finally be outside enjoying the fresh air. it was 65 here today but back to the 30’s on Tuesday. Oh well, at least we know it’s coming, i hope. Your photos are so good. I just love scrolling down through them. You are very talented, that’s for sure.

  3. Kala,

    Your flower shots are so amazing. Sometimes I feel I lack the vocabulary to describe all the pleasing aspects of your shots. The colors, the soft transition to the bokeh is wonderful!

  4. Hooray! Isn’t it exciting? I have a few almost ready to bloom too. You are SO inspiring me to do a more thoughtful job photographing my flowers. Another gorgeous photo. Happy Spring to you too Kala!

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