Durga’s Bangle

Anyone care to guess what this is a macro image of?

UPDATE: Yes, it’s a slinky.


110 thoughts on “Durga’s Bangle

  1. Have no idea what it is but the blue part looks like rotating about an axis vertically placed in the middle. As for the shiny yello object on the left… I don’t know.

  2. Not sure what it is but cool blues and love all the curves, I a not sure of this at all, infact more sure it isnt what I am about to say but going to say it as it was my first thought, a Slinky of some sort?

  3. At first I would guess a Slinky, but the gold points me in a different direction. What that direction is I can not say. Really cool photo though.

  4. When I first saw it without reading I thought a vase of some sort with a gorgeous gold handle. I can see where one might think a slinky but I don’t think so. The gold is consistent with jewelry so perhaps those folks are right. Is that a plaid tablecloth because it looks like a fork on the right hand side. 🙂
    The colors are gorgeous whatever it is!

  5. I’m thinking glassware, but more than one piece. The left looks like a gold rimmed clear glass and the blue seems like a collector plate. Your title has me confused though. From your title I’d guess bracelets.

  6. thanks for stopping by, i mentioned you on my post…i think this is a slinky….or maybe bangles which i get from the title. i’m wondering how you photographed it at the same time as holding it….or i guess you could’ve propped it up against something.

  7. Super beautiful macros..hmm..well ..bangles of course ha ha! I see a slight array of rings..so maybe many bangles all blurred. Beautiful work..as always!

  8. Looks like one of the original metal slinky’s, but from the title I’d guess a child is using it as a bracelet so it might be the newer plastic slinky. Whatever the case, it’s still a beautiful photo!

  9. well, i was thinking a vase with a gold bangle in it…but a slinky sounds good too….with a gold bracelet in it?
    it’s a lovely photo regardless!

  10. can’t seem to think what it really is. hmmm…it’s like some kind of twisted glass tube-like thing, haha…intriguing macro shot. inviting one’s adventurous curiousity. 🙂

  11. I would never have gotten that right. My first thought was a wine glass (because it looked like the rim of a glass on the left side of the photo). Love how a macro can challenge your brain.

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