Almost overlooked.

I saw these flowers blooming at a local park in an area where almost no one ventures to. Glad I spotted them!

Please view large.


114 thoughts on “Almost overlooked.

  1. It looks like a pasque flower! We have one nature reserve nearby where these grow wild, but they’re quite rare here in England now.

    Nice capture. 🙂

  2. What beautiful little flowers, the color is gorgeous. I hope everyone enlarges the photo to see all of the details.

    I was looking through some of your older posts and the photos are great. You are a master in the use of depth of field.

  3. i like flowers with purple colors. wish we have this kind in our country. you have a way of capturing flowers, i am like a bee that keeps coming here. enjoy your week. 🙂

  4. Hi Kala…wow..they are such stunning beauties! Love the detail and the colors!

    Glad you noticed them too..! Your photos have such a lovely radiant feel to them..and so uplifting and inspiring……a natural essence to them….it’s just wonderful
    Keep are magic!

  5. Hi Kala

    I grow these pasque flowers in my garden – that colour and a white one too. According to Greek legend, it sprang from the tears of Venus.

    Your photo is lovely – I love the combination of purple and yellow in the garden.


  6. That is very pretty, well you’ve got a photographers eye that is why you’ve spotted it right away. Great shot too! Thanks for visiting my blog I do appreciate it.

  7. Pasque flowers are among my favorites…perhaps my most favourite…flower. I have been watching for them every day in my gardens. They will bloom soon I hope. I’m glad you took this photo and shared it with us!

  8. Happy you and your keen eye spotted them too, Kala … they’re lovely (like Jay, think it’s a Pasque flower). Isn’t spring glorious!

  9. After seeing these for years and never growing them, I finally broke down and planted one in my garden. They are pasque flowers. So pretty and of course, you did them perfect justice.

    • Thanks Kathleen. Yeah, at first I thought they were crocus but when I went back to the park, I saw a sign that did indicate they are indeed pasque flowers.

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