Edge of hyacinth.

These are among the most fragrant of spring flowers. Click to smell them!


114 thoughts on “Edge of hyacinth.

  1. Beauty!!! LOL…I clicked, but didn’t work. Maybe if I go back and scratch and sniff!!!! Think?

    I played Macro Monday for the 1st time today…can you come stop by? If you have some time.


  2. isn’t this one of the best smells on earth??!?

    i think i may have deleted your comment on my last post because i deleted the whole post. oops. but thank you so much for stopping by.

    i sure enjoy your wonderful photos.


  3. UMMM, I can almost smell them, so lovely.
    I just scrolled through your flowers on this front page, each image is so sweet as though you have presented the spirit of the beauty each flower is.

  4. Wonderful colors!! You are always brightening my days with these lovely flowers. Lol…that’s why they were ‘born’. Have a nice day! I like coming back to your site. 🙂

  5. Love that smell!!! I’m not sure why but I don’t usually plant these in my garden. I prefer to force them instead. Maybe to enjoy the scent better?? They will perfume my whole kitchen in the winter time when they’re in bloom here. Lovely photo Kala.

  6. I love that colour blue. These flowers remind me of the English TV show called “Keeping up Appearances” where the main character was called Hyacynth.

  7. Gorgeous! Hyacinths are my favorite flowers.

    I bought a macro lens this weekend and you make it look so easy! Amazing photo! Was I the only one who could smell the flowers?


    • Most flower and nature photos that I post to the blog aren’t shot with a macro lens. I use a 50mm 1.4.

      But I do love macro photograph and wish you much happiness with the new lens!

  8. Wow..Gorgeous Kala..one of my favorite flowers..their scent is awesome! Gorgeous photo..just beautiful! You have the most special way of capturing natural beauty and nature’s light in all you photos!Pure Harmony!

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