Six months.

Hard to believe it was six months ago today that I started the blog. Thanks for all your support my friends :0)

And please give this lovely shrub a proper view


90 thoughts on “Six months.

  1. Yay..Congrats on your 6 months!! I am happy to have found you super beautiful and special blog! Awesome looks like something orange or red in the blossom! Gorgeous photo..very dreamy ..and your work is always Inspiring!!

  2. Happy Blogaversary! 🙂

    Your work, as always, is stunning. I visit every day, even if I don’t comment (how often can I say “Wow!” without wearing on you?!?), and I always appreciate your gift.

  3. Beautiful as always! I can’t find the words. 🙂 Tiny little lovely! Happy 6th month! I’m wondering what will come after the 9th LOL

  4. Congratulations Kara. I think we must have both launched about the same, doesn’t time pass quickly when you’re having a good time!

    I guess you must be getting spoiled for choice with all spring activity in the garden…lovely viburnum.

  5. well I guess you, as me, find that this blogging givers som much in so many ways.
    great flowers on your site makes me long for spring even more. here it has just started

    thanks for your comment!


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