Under the pink magnolia tree.

I took quite a few photos of magnolia trees with white blossoms, but I was very happy that I was able to capture this image with the pink ones as well.

Oh, so much nicer!


84 thoughts on “Under the pink magnolia tree.

  1. So beautiful! I like this color so much, all the tones of pink! Very nice DOF too! I’ll really have to check if we have this tree here, I’d like to have a closer look. =)

  2. Kala, I’ve been watching your blog all Spring, love the flowers.

    Inspiring! And I love the bright light filtering through the background of the tree with the hints of more blossoms.

    This is the shot I was trying to get this Spring! Most of the magnolia trees have lost their blossoms by now where I am, so wish me luck next year!

  3. glorious…i was just looking at my pics of the magnolias, i was really excited to see them out finally, but they were so high up i could barely get a decent shot…yours have turned out great!

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