No promises in fairyland.

Please view large.


112 thoughts on “No promises in fairyland.

  1. Mmm, gorgeous! I like your title – very fitting… I love how they look like they are blowing in the wind, and yet the closest one is so sharp.. great shot!

  2. Hi Kala

    You’r blog is full of excellent photo’s…. i kept scrolling up and down couple of times admiring each one of them…. I love your work and find them very inspiring

    Have a lovely week ahead

  3. very nice,I saw all your shots and they’re just beautiful…and this one has the best bokeh I’ve ever seen,wonderful back…well done for your great job.

  4. Kala..these flowers are beautiful!!! I wish you a great weekend and appoligize for not writing sooner! Have been very busy lately taking on new customers and getting my images out for sale:)) I have more or current info and images on my Facebook site if you like to visit:))amey fischer

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