Moody April

Just sent the lab 30 images to be printed for a local show next Friday evening. It has taken me days to decide which images to include. I am calling the collection “Moody April” because all of the shots were taken this month. My nature photography has been described as ethereal and surreal. I am going with moody at the moment. Oh, look!


94 thoughts on “Moody April

  1. This is gorgeous. But I always say that! 🙂

    I would LOVE to see the thirty you chose…maybe links to come, or am I asking too much?

    (gah, I’m nosy, aren’t I?!? lol!!)

  2. How exciting! Good luck with your show. It would be very hard to pick only 30 images of yours!
    I would say this April has been “moody” but not your photography ~ it’s magnificent!

  3. Such beautiful pinks in this shot, must have been hard to pick 30 for the show as from what I have seen all your shots are wonderful

  4. Lovely!

    I will also have you know that the two prints of yours I ordered from Red Bubble are hanging in my new apartment, and I absolutely love them!

  5. Sensuality, I advise this beautiful colors to enjoy the life, this flower seems to fly like little birds
    every day a good dose of happiness to see your post 🙂

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