Magnolia Magnificence

They were everywhere this spring, in all their glory


134 thoughts on “Magnolia Magnificence

  1. Gorgeous! I love this soft blue against the color of the magnolia. Unfortunately it seems to be quite unique here. I walked in the town and found only three trees. Do you have this in your garden?

  2. What a beautiful shot Kala. I wonder how you manage get your background sky with such vibrant colors – the other day it was pink and today it is some flavor of green. 🙂

  3. Oh Kala this is so beautiful and its got a touch of the romatic to it – in my garden the magnolia has not bloomed yet but its a different one to the one you have in your photograph.

  4. kala, this is beautiful. i love the dark, rigid branch in the foreground. it’s flowers give the branch a delicateness, which you capture nicely … and accentuate by the softness of the distant flowers behind it.

    my eyes are also drawn to the brightness on the left side of the photo. the branch appears to be reaching that way ….

  5. That sky is an interesting color. A little retro. I am glad you have found Magnolias such an inspiration. It has been truly nice to see the series.

    Good luck at the show. Have fun.

  6. The contrast of the color and their softness are great, and the bokeh is, as always, wonderful. Great light also.

    Beautiful photo, Kala.

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