Alyssum Borders

This is the time of year for flower boxes with pretty borders. And there’s that heart again! View Large


96 thoughts on “Alyssum Borders

  1. isn’t it lovely when hearts magically appear? 🙂
    the alyssum is darling.

    i like how such a small amount is in focus.
    makes for a very interesting photo.

  2. It’s strange how certain towns have so much of this and others have only a few patches. People must share or copy one another. I like to have a large variety of flowers and hope to have a larger flower garden again someday soon. This is beautiful how you’ve captured it. They always look like a carpeting when they flow over a wall…or a waterfall of flowers:-)

  3. I think the composition works really well and the carefully selected DOF enhances the little flowers. Perhaps a little more experimental – and it works.

  4. Gorgeous Kala…these colors dazzle me..I love it so much! I am a fan of all your work..always a joy to visit your magical space!

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