Poppies of the field.

No textures or filters were applied in this image of poppies blooming. Looks kind of like a painting though, I don’t know how that happens!

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86 thoughts on “Poppies of the field.

  1. This is so beautiful as always:)

    I will do a small summer break and would therefore like to wish you my friend a really nice summer. I´m back in august! /Maria

  2. Wonderful! Poppies are one of my favorite flowers.

    I’ve had the occasional shot turn out like a painting too, and often wonder how that happens. Perhaps nature does it for us.

  3. Magnificent!!

    PS – I tagged you in a meme! I know your blog entries are pictoral, not written…maybe you could mix it up a bit? Or maybe you could use photos instead of words? I dare you!! xo

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