Loving Summer but Remembering Spring

You haven’t forgotten when those lovely Redbuds were blooming have you?

I have been tagged by Corrie to name 10 things I love.
Nature Coffee Hiking Summer Spring Manicures Music Perfume Spaghetti Photography


92 thoughts on “Loving Summer but Remembering Spring

  1. Oh Kala! You played! I am so glad! 🙂

    A great list…if I was to redo mine, I think I’d steal a couple. Especially coffee. Can’t believe I forgot COFFEE, haha!

    Love the photo, too. Spring is my favourite season, and I never tire of seeing it through your lens.

  2. ‘Loving Summer but Remembering Spring’ …I’ll echo those sentiments. IMHO spring is a great time for taking photos. Lovely light, lovely spring buds – as this image reflects so well.

  3. I was just thinking that I miss all of the spring flowers. I took my daughter to the botanical gardens and there wasn’t much in bloom other than the day lilies.

  4. Thank you so much for your sincerely & nice comments on my Wabi & Sabi blog. I’m always so happy when I find them. Your blog is an amazing pearl & I love it!!

    At the moment I have a short blog break, but please, don’t forget me 😉

    By the way, in my last post, I have a wonderful giveaway, a Turkish Kelim Pillow, & I promise you’ll love it. I hope you want to be my guest in this contest.


  5. How could one forget the beauty of flowers as a regular visitor to your blog? ;D The complementary colors are really beautiful in this one.

  6. I wish this was the view from my bedroom window….before my husband started renovating we had a huge pine outside and in winter the snow would cover the branches and dance in the wind. i would change my little ones on my bed and they would lay mezmorised by it once they saw it. We had to pull the tree down.

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