All dainty like …

And prim and proper and pretty. Best Viewed on Black!


98 thoughts on “All dainty like …

  1. Very pretty. I viewed it on black too and it’s beautiful. Something about tiny images though. They leave you wanting more which is a good thing sometimes.

  2. All that golden light makes me want to be lying in a summer meadow somewhere getting wasted on scotch 😀

  3. There’s a reason that you have 80 comments on this post… it’s gorgeous! Really, truly beautiful. How do you do it? What lens do you use? What post processing do you do? Of course, you might not want to tell me your secrets, but chances are pretty good that I still wouldn’t be able to duplicate these shots even if you told me everything. 🙂

  4. Definitely not a columbine ~ I had to come back and check on the name. It looks like a bell clematis of some sort ~ just not sure which one. Gorgeous whichever. Aahhh on where you find your subjects ~ I thought you had a super amazing garden. Your parks are very nice too then!!!

  5. I´d love to know how these blown areas turn out when printed – do you have any experience about that? The screen version looks terrific for sure. I love that picture for it´s unique light and false looking colours very much!

    • I had this photo printed as a 8.5×11 and I really like the way it turned out. All of my images are printed on Kodak Professional Metallic Paper for superior color saturation and sharpness.

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