Bled White

I rarely post images in black & white, but this shot of bleeding hearts just cried out to be processed in monochrome.


108 thoughts on “Bled White

  1. Hmmm. I like the bleeding hearts in B&W. You do tend to “print” light. I’ve always liked our bleeding hearts. I missed photographing them this year.

  2. I love bleeding hearts and would have never converted it I don’t think. It gives it a very different mood though. I’m wondering about a little selective coloring too. 🙂
    Nice thinking out of the box!

  3. I have to admit i would have never thought a shot of bleeding hearts would work in B&W, but wow you proved me wrong this is fantastic

  4. the words immaculate and perfection come to mind with this photo….i think it’s because of the shape of leaves and flowers….the eye is definitely attracted in a different way with b&w.

    one another look the leaves remind me of umbrellas and the heart like little children lined up, maybe to go to school (lol can you tell i’ve spent 12 years waiting at the bus stop)

  5. Hi Kala I’m signed in under a different blog this time incase you wonder who it is!

    I love the mood in the photo now that its in monochrome. I grow these in the garden and I’m forever turning them upside down to see the little lady in the boat.

    As for the title – its fabulous !

  6. One of the best shots that you’ve done. Stripping away the colour adds a great emphasis to the tone and shape.

    I’d love to see you working “out of the box” more often Kala…

    • Probably will be going outside the box more when the winter approaches again. I love nature photography, but there are other kinds of images I’d like to capture.

  7. That is fabulous in B&W Kala ~ I never would have thought to change it. My bleeding hearts came and went so fast this year, I think I only have a couple photos. It’s nice they are still blooming somewhere.

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