Made glorious summer…

Crabapple blossoms in glorious light. Oh, and the title for this photo? I have been reading a little Richard III


111 thoughts on “Made glorious summer…

  1. ” All the wordl’s a stage and one man in his time plays many parts”, (or my take on that line), is one that I have loved and held close during my entire life. Such true words.

    A beautiful shot with exquisite DOF and colours, Kala.

  2. Hi Kala…this is so pretty..another dazzling array of photos..all your posts are vibrantly beautiful! You are magical at capturing beauty!
    Happy Summer Solstice..hope you are having agreat day..and thankyou for your comments always!

  3. I love the DOF you used in this gorgeous image, perfect for a soft and artistic view of these blooms! Just beautiful!

    I spent some time going through your blog…wow, you do some magnificent work! 🙂

  4. Gorgeous, Kala!

    PS: I sort of bought myself a little present this weekend: a new camera! I have pretty much *no idea* what to do with it, so am doing a lot of reading, but one of the first things I tried was…you guessed it: close-ups of flowers. 🙂

    So I am certainly not going to be giving you any sort of run for your money any time soon…but wanted you to know that you have kind of inspired me. 🙂


  5. I’ve always liked crabapples but have I told you how much more beautiful you’ve made them appear than I ever imagine/see? Next spring, I’m looking at them in an entirely different way!

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