Beauty in Decay

I have no idea what kind of pest is devouring these leaves, but they look to be made of tattered lace glowing in the evening sun.


114 thoughts on “Beauty in Decay

  1. What ever those critters are, they made a wonderful piece of art and you did a great job capturing the fragile lace and the beautiful silver tones!

  2. Incredible that from the devastation of the leaves, such a mosaic of beauty has been formed. Utterly exquisite both your eye to see, and the shot you’ve captured.

  3. I hadn’t thought of lace, but you are correct. My initial impression was toile fabric. Very beautiful!

  4. the decay has given you a great chance to capture the lace effect that the pests left behind….just a great photo and the soft colours are captivating……peter.

  5. Incredible image. I love how you made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!

    I wonder if this devastation was created by the Japanese Beetle that is destroying vegetation across the nation by skeletonizing leaves from a huge variety of plants.

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