A daisy for your thoughts ….

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126 thoughts on “A daisy for your thoughts ….

  1. Hi Kala,

    Thanks for the visit. I love your picture of daisies. Mine are also in full bloom. I cant stop myself from cutting them and adding them to a vase in my house. Thanks for sharing.


  2. My thougts right now is about taking a swim in the ocean. We have temperatures in the shade from 25-32 C. Here in Sweden it feels warmer than around the Mediterranian Sea because the air is more dry, so now you know what my thoghts are. 😉

  3. I like the edge on perspective you’ve chosen. The mood of this shot is great. I think the image would be better yet if it was darker.

  4. Daisy chains herself ’round your heart strings – lyrics to a song I know:-) The Daisy is my favorite flower. Your image is superb. I viewed it large as well. The colors are just magnificent.

  5. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, – so i found yours ❤ and this photo is so great, i love it .. the colours match perfectly together

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