As they were.

More coneflowers!


123 thoughts on “As they were.

  1. Gorgeous! This is a different variety of coneflower, but a lovely one. I like how some have horizontal petals and some droopy, and the variety in petal color. This image is great with the blue-green bokeh!

  2. Very unusual colour combination and that wonderful buttery bokeh? May I ask what lens(es) do you use?
    As I am looking at the photo, I am not sure about the blossom in low left corner. I think that without it the main subject and interaction between the in-focus blossom and those 2 in the background to the right would be stronger.

  3. Some really nice flower shots here. I like what you are doing with the DOF. This particular one is my favourite shot. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog.

  4. Thanks for the recent comment on my blog Kala – much appreciated.

    I’ve had a look through some of your recent images and really like your work. This one stands out for me – I love the soft tonality throughout and how the cool background highlights the warm blossoms. I also like the composition – the single focussed blossom at the left balanced by the blurred ones to the right.

    I’ll be visiting regularly!

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