These flowers appear to be doing the rumba, or the tango, or the samba or some kind of dance.


96 thoughts on “Ole!

  1. Whoops! Please delete my two previous comments, I’ pasted some text by mistake in my profile link.

    As I said before, I envy your imagination, what a great title for this dancing flower! Beautiful macro and composition.

    Thanks for your kind comments, I am very late with mine because of the unbearable heat we have.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. My Brown-Eyed Sue

    Susan, bold as she can be,
    Pretends no maiden modesty;
    … flaunting her charm,
    … city garden or farm,
    She is a sight to see.

    Brown gaze lifted toward the sky,
    Bold as the sun, yet soft as a sigh;
    … sweet blossom of spring,
    … a pretty, young thing,
    She sings, give love a try.

    Susan, fresh as she can be,
    Dances in fields wild and free,
    … bumble bees in her hair,
    … yellow skirts all a flair,
    She is the love for me!


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