The third time is the charm.

Out gardening & shooting flowers today, I was stung not once, not twice but THREE times by a swarm of bees. I received more bee stings today than in my entire life. Please click on this lovely image of rudbeckia. I don’t suffer for my art for nothing!


96 thoughts on “The third time is the charm.

  1. Hi Kala,

    Ouch!!! Three stings, well they must’ve been pretty mad!

    I was stung last year, I think I caught the Bee with my hand as it was on a Coneflower and I walked past. Not to worry, although if I’d been stung three times I’m not so sure I’d be quite so forgiving! Eeek, and to think I go out of my way to attract Bees!

    • From Wiki:

      Rudbeckia (pronounced /rʌdˈbɛkiə/)[1] is a plant genus of 23 species in the Asteraceae family.[2] The species are commonly called coneflowers and black-eyed-susans; all are native to North America and many species are cultivated in gardens for their showy yellow or gold flower heads.

  2. Gorgeous hot. Some day I want a photo of you backyard. It looks gorgeous! Sorry about the bee sting! The things we endure for our art! At least you got a great shot out of it:)

  3. Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee…we’ve all got to suffer for our art!

    But I’m sure it was worth it for the lovely image of our black eyed friend!

  4. Ouch! that must have been painfull Kala…. anything to get your shots ha 🙂

    This is a beautiful flower, never seen these here in India, not sure if they grow here…


  5. You sacrificed a lot for this wonderful photo Kala! I’m not sure I would have persevered. I wonder why they did that? I’ve never had any problem even sticking my camera almost in their faces. Hope you feel okay?

    • It may be that because of all the rain we’ve had, the ground was too wet for them and they were looking for a new home and I interrupted their search!

  6. Beautiful disc and lovely composition – I sometimes forget when I’m taking a photo of a bee that there might be on on another bloom ever closer to my arm. Many a time you will see me running in the garden as a few bees get mad at me but thankfully no stings yet!

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