~They were really showing off for this photograph.


143 thoughts on “coneflowers~

  1. OH the colours are so beautiful – looks very seventies to me. Cone flowers are such wonderful subjects to photograph……. I wish they would grow for me!

  2. Your depth of field is always so amazing. I am always impressed .
    Love the color and how wonderful you can achieve that soft background with the really crisp flower in the foreground.

  3. This is so beautiful Kala – totally looks like a painting.

    Thanks for your wishes. I was missing in action for over a month and now I am back. Got a lot of catching up to do 😐

  4. How amazing! Although I like all of your photos, the red of these flowers is especially impressive. Oh, you should come to Japan in the cherry blossom season!

  5. Hi Kala… i followed this link on Cornflowers from your current posting and it a beautiful selected focus and DOF… with soft pastel colours of her sisters and the background…i like it very much… but i find as much beauty in the dried flowers with the ribbons frayed….peter:)

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