For C.R. (Retro)

Please view here.

This is another image from last April that was saved from near death with the help of my dear friend C.R.

Remember him? I do. In fact, we got engaged yesterday.


102 thoughts on “For C.R. (Retro)

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! (You have to imagine that I added in the frills – twinkling blinking colour lights around the text)

    So who will take photos on the wedding day since you will be a bit busy on that day?

  2. Well, I’ve come across some understatements in my time, but to announce something so momentous merely ‘en passant’, well…I’m speechless 🙂
    Almost anyway.

  3. Congratulations Kala – I’m so pleased that you shared that special occasion with us. I too remember that time in April when you nearly lost everything on the camera.

    Lovely photo too.

  4. Congratulations! You’re so non-chalant about it. Surprising us by reading the end of the post and not just switching things up and posting a pic of the ring. So fun. 🙂

  5. A great big congratulations to you & CR! Thats wonderful news… be good to each other & God bless you both!

    You’ve outdone yourself again w/ this beauty… I love it!

  6. The depth of field, soft petals and leaves warmly lit by the sunlight. I love the photo and its mood.

    Found your blog just in time to congratulate you both. You must be over the moon.

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