October Begins

Big Time


118 thoughts on “October Begins

  1. The golds and reds of Autumn always looks so right together, and you’ve captured them just right in this strong composition. I wish that Fall would last longer than 10 days here in SE Arizona.

  2. Oh Kala ~ this photo is so spectacular. The composition with reds and yellows & tree branches is just amazing. I want to go out with my camera now and see if I can find some great fall shots! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Excellent composition. You have balance going on in the photo. It is almost seems to symbolise transition from spring to autumn. Wow, that’s deep! πŸ˜€

  4. I really quite enjoy the shallow depth of field and rich colors in this image. Those qualities along with the simple composition give this image a very unique sense of honesty. I also enjoy that play of light shining through the trees. That subtle glow makes the composition that much more tranquil and interesting. The diagonal element in the background is nice as well-keeps your eye moving around the frame. Great work.

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