Monet’s Tree

100mm 2.8 macro shot wide open.


167 thoughts on “Monet’s Tree

  1. Kala – this is my favourite favourite of the whole year – I went over to MM and I could pick your photo out immediately and knew that picture would be from you 🙂

    Now this would be lovely as a painting.

  2. Kala, this is an absolutely wonderful shot! Your current selection of images have all been inspiring and full of life. Thank you for each as they provide the perfect way to start my day in the City.

    Also, Happy Birthday!
    Much Love,

  3. Wow…POETRY!!
    this is a stunner…and the title..perfect!! I adore this Kala!
    Mesmerizing and magical!!! this is definately a new favorite!

  4. I don’t think that Monet could have done much better than this Kala….beautiful photo……peter:)
    this is my second com tonight and still have to include all id lines….but it was worth the time…..i see that you are quite popular…..and i also see why……pleasure again…..peter:)

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