Why not stop?

Sit a while.


106 thoughts on “Why not stop?

  1. Kala you find the most wonderful scenes to photograph while out and about. Love the softness to the flowers. I certainly would like to sit on that bench and watch all the wildlife coming and going on those blooms.

  2. Ok I may have to buy that on canvas & give to my mother for Mother’s Day (or maybe Christmas) – I love it, but she’s absolutely going to have a coronary over it!
    I’ll email you later when I get home for prices & details

  3. It’s gorgeous!. Will you ever tell us how do you make these artworks?
    Really, how did you obtain this image?
    It is not a single photo because the subject is unreal, though it looks fairy.

  4. It’s been a long time since I visited your photoblog, and things have change in your work… The larger view of nature is brillant too in your work, and I like this one with this lightening purple.
    Have a nice day.

  5. Hi Kala you sure get a lot of well deserved comments ….i love this photo of the bench….well done….peter:)

    BTW….i still have to key my ID lines….will come back to see if your site keeps my cookie….:D

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