Over the moon.

As nightfall approaches, macro style.


148 thoughts on “Over the moon.

  1. Lovely shot Kala – Is that morning or evening as it’s morning here and I’m looking out the window at a scene similar to yours, birds flew past a minute ago and I thought that would make a lovely photo aswell only I think it’s too cold to go out with the camera – heavy frost outside and it’s so cosy inside lol

  2. a brilliant composition, I love the three birds in there too, what a fantastic shot. You said macro style, what lens and ISO did you use out of interest? I struggle with night shots.

  3. Outstanding and Over the Moon Shot! What a perfect composition and lighting to capture the Man in The Moon. I’ve tried soooo many times and can never get him to show his face. Thanks for visiting CollectInTexas PhotoBlog!

  4. omg, that is a stunning photo Kala. I am ever so envious ~ I have never figured out how to capture a good moon photo! You’ve caught the mood of the season so perfectly too.

  5. Great autumnal capture. Love how the branches drape the composition and arch over the moon. The birds pull it all together… you got them just int he right spot. Well seen!

  6. a perfect twilight mood. all the elements well-placed, well-blended, well-framed. i love how the day bid adieu with that faint glow that seem to rise from the bushes.

  7. I had to page down for a while to get to the comment area Kala…..it is nice to see you get all of the well deserved comments……This is a superb composition Kala framing the shot under the tree and catching the birds while bringing your focus on the moon….well done…..peter:)

    • Thank you Peter. I was out shooting the trees in the forest at sundown and I turned around and there was the moon! I have never photographed it before.

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