By the edge of the lake.



156 thoughts on “By the edge of the lake.

  1. Every time I come here, I say, “This is the best yet,” and the next time I am here, I say the same thing. Your photography is just amazing, and this one is just…LOVE.

  2. By the edge of this lake
    I will sit quietly,
    Let the balmy touch of sunshine
    Remind me that nature
    Is clement rather than cruel.

    I shall bear no grudge;
    I shall be always forgiving;
    I shall feel only love…

    -Joji 🙂

  3. I swear, Matisse is still alive and he has just painted this!
    A very humbling photo, and I will go to bed knowing I have
    seen the finest vision that I will see for a while. Amazing
    work makes me feel weak, the image so powerful.

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