Weeping branches against an orange sky.

This image is one of my new favorites.

better yet


132 thoughts on “Weeping branches against an orange sky.

  1. I can really see why this is one of your favourites, I love the background sky colour, do you get your photographs printed? they are all so lovely although I sound like a broken record as I keep saying that.

  2. Yes, it’s really beautiful. The outline of the branches, twigs and leaves are so striking against the orange sky. The almost monochromatic color makes the picture even great.

  3. Your blog is like a sensual nature puzzle, and I just love this post! Thanx for comments & for being there in my blog world !!!

    And don’t forget this….. Never worry about the size of your Christian tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall!

    Peace & Love


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