Took this shot one month ago today – what a difference 30 days make. The ground is covered with snow & the trees bare.

View here!


122 thoughts on “Willowy


    Have you heard, or do you think that Weeping Willows are connected in any way to Sorry, and Hurt?

    In that Beauty You captured–it’s hard to imagine that saying being true!

  2. Very beautiful ! we had a wheeping willow in our garden but it became so big over the 35 years we are living here, we had to cut it down. The roots arrived til the patio !

  3. A beautifully evocative image. Lovely tones and interesting texture. I like your vignetting. I’d love to see this tree in its present barren state, too. Super !!

  4. I absolutely love Willow trees and this beautiful image makes me long for spring again! The texture and tones coupled with the sharpness create an incredible composition! Your current landscape series has really caught my attention! Truly masterful work!

    • I love willows, but they need to be along a lake in a park or somewhere like that. They don’t do well here when people try to grow them in their yards.

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