Poppy don’t go!

From the archives and I miss these guys – they are one of my favorite late spring/early summer flowers to photograph.


211 thoughts on “Poppy don’t go!

  1. these are lovely…remind me of childhood…my dad had planted poppies at the end of our driveway…we always knew school was nearly over when the poppies started popping…such magic in that feeling of impending freedom!

  2. Beautiful colours Kala – that is a great bokeh in the background aswell.

    My inspiration for my photo you commented on today with the tree, moon and birds was inspired by you. I’ve never forgotten the picture you captured months ago that is quite similar.

  3. Lovely image… and poppies are a favorite of mine too! (The huge, Oriental poppies live happily in my garden and spread wherever they feel like… I let them!)

  4. Simply stunning! They would be my favorites too 😉 But I have to say I LOVE tulips AND sunflowers! 😀 Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment! Your photographs are all beautiful, I scrolled down through your posts and you have a great eye for your captures!

  5. Real beautiful !!
    Love the colors.
    Opps forgot to wish you!
    Here’s to a wonderful New Year!
    Hoping to see much more beautiful pictures from your side.



  6. Fantastic image to start the New Year! What a creative series of images! Ending the year with muted, warm colors and then to begin this year off with loud, popping Poppies! Brilliant series and very expressive series! Happy New Year!

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