The Eagle has Landed

100mm 2.8 macro shot wide open



188 thoughts on “The Eagle has Landed

  1. stunning as always. Thanks for all your kind words to my photos. I am a new photographer but am loving it.

    I would love to get as many commebts as you gosh each time there are tons of comments for you way to go. And you do not even do any challenges. Love it.

  2. What can i say that has not been said in the previous 66 comments Kala….. you have captured my heart with this photo of the Eagle and his/hers surroundings…..well done my friend….peter:D

  3. What an awesome capture! Your variety of images from flower macros to landscapes always has me coming back for your next posting! You’re the Best!

  4. omg, and I thought you said you didn’t have any good bird photos! So not true. This is magnificent. It kind of seems “Halloweeny” too although eagles are not your normal Halloween bird.

  5. This is another totally gorgeous shot of yours!
    (And the older ones and the next one you posted).
    My brain just doesn’t find any word to describe the ‘wow’ effect properly :)!

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